ADVOCATES FOR PEACE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE (APSJ) is based in Hudson County, New Jersey, USA. Its’ mission is:

1. to speak truth to power by exercising our First Amendment right to peaceful assembly

2. to protest injustice on domestic and international levels

3. to work in step with other peace organizations (national and international) and activists for the benefit of Hudson County residents, the nation and humanity at large.

4.  to assist the poor, needy and homeless in whatever way it can to alleviate their suffering  via distribution of food and water and other essentials and engage in advocacy for their rights.

5. to stand in solidarity with Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eygpt, and other nations, oppressed and terrorized by illegal occupation, invasions, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

6. to stand for the rights of the Latino immigrants to live in peace and denounce the tyranny of abusive anti-immigrant policies.

7. to protest human rights violations and abuses

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice (APSJ) seeks to engage in activism, to speak out, protest and demand change. It stands with those who believe in human rights, the rule of law, Civil Rights, and the Constitution. It stands with those who want to coexist peacefully with other faiths and resist the fascist tyranny that has turned our nation into a den of inequity and injustice and ravaged the globe with false flag terrorism.

ALL activists and residents of Hudson County, NJ (and other cities, states, or nations) are invited to join hands with APSJ in the spirit of peace, truth, love and justice. Together we can prevail against tyranny.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice is open to all activists everywhere on the planet. Everyone is welcomed.

Migna Khan
Executive Director


Advocates For Peace and Social Justice
6900 Park Avenue –  Box # 3091
West New York, New Jersey 07093-9991