Suspending Disbelief: Obama Administration Proposes “Race-Based” School Discipline System

Ladies and Gentlemen the USA has now gone back to pre-Martin Luther King racism by our first Black president. We can only imagine what the disciplines will be but APSJ is certain that it will impact all minorities in a very serious way.  Quota requirements sets up the necessity of having to punish by force. Already we have seen children tortured by tazers, beaten and arrested in USA schools. Now that Obama has signed this heinous affirmative action discipline law we can expect the abuses in our schools to multiply without question by the hands of psychopaths, sociopaths and pedophiles just salivating to ‘discipline’ their victims.

“The White House thinks that schools are providing too much discipline to black students, and it is proposing race-based quotas for school suspensions. That’s right, affirmative action for school discipline. Could Asian students be disciplined more to meet quota requirements? That’s what Trifecta thinks. Hear what race-based school discipline means for American education.”!

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