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Subject: Press Release:Hancock Drone Protest Shuts Down Base-17 Arrests

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From: The Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and Stop the Wars


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Anti-Drone Protest Shuts Down Hancock Air Base

17 Arrested, 13 Held in Jail

Forty concerned citizens created a blockade this morning of Hancock Air National Guard Base outside Syracuse, NY.  MQ-9 Reaper drones are operated by remote control from the base, and are used to carry out attacks in Afghanistan and possibly other countries.  The activists say this use of drones violates International and domestic law, and amounts to war crimes.

The blockade began shortly after 8 AM this morning, when the activists gathered outside three gates of the military airfield, which are located on East Malloy, Thompson, and Townline Roads in the Town of DeWitt, near Syracuse.  They set up traffic cones, unfurled banners, and held up signs and pictures.  The signs named the war crimes that the activists say are being carried on at the base, and the pictures portrayed children who have been killed by the drones.  They succeeded in blocking gates for two and a half hours before they were arrested and taken to the Town Court of DeWitt.

Those blocking the gates were told by police that they would be arrested for a trespassing violation if they didn’t leave, but 17 of them remained in place until they were taken into police custody.  Those arrested ranged in age from their twenties to their seventies, and included veterans as well as followers of various religions including those of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faiths.

The activists presented a document to personnel at the base, which they called a “People’s Indictment for War Crimes”.  They also read the indictment outside the gates.  The indictment reads, in part:

“These drones are being used…for killings far removed from combat zones….to assassinate individuals and groups.

‘Extrajudicial killings such as those the US carries out by drones, are intentional, premeditated, and deliberate use of lethal force to commit murder in violation of US and International law.”

The use of armed drones has become the subject of controversy recently, with a recent study by Stanford and New York Universities showing that civilian casualties are much higher than has been claimed by the Obama administration.  The study also shows that the continual presence of drones over some arts of Pakistan is creating psychological trauma in the civilian population.   A recent poll in Pakistan shows the US drones are sparking outrage in that country, with 75% now viewing the United States as more of an enemy than an ally.

At hearings in DeWitt Township court this afternoon, all were charged with trespass and disorderly conduct and served with protection orders banning them from contacting Earl A. Evans, Mission Support Group Commander of the National Guard.  Four of the protesters were released on their own recognizance pending trial and the rest are being held in jail on bonds ranging from $250 to $1000.

Ed Kinane of Syracuse, Mike Perry, Dan Burgevin, Andrea Levine all of Trumansburg NY, were released. Elliot Adams of Sharon Springs New York, Judy Bello of Webster, NY,  Mark Colville of New Haven, CT, Paul Frazier of Syracuse, Clare Grady of Ithaca NY, Mary Anne Grady Flores of Ithaca, Martha Hennessey of Vermont, Brian Hynes of The Bronx,  Rae Kramer of Syracuse,  Bonnie Mahoney of Buffalo NY,  James Ricks of Ithaca NY, Mark Scibilia-Carver of Trumansburg NY, and Paki Wieland of Northhampton, Mass are still in custody as of late this afternoon.

Mary Anne Grady Flores

514 N. Plain St., Ithaca, NY 14850 1-607-273-7437/ 1-607-280-8797
Ithaca Catholic Workers  /  Los Obreros Catolicos de Ithaca

“If you think one person can’t be effective, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito” -War Resister’s League

“Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it”   Howard Zinn (1922-2010)

“Si usted piensa que una persona no puede ser eficaz, nunca he estado en la cama con un mosquito” Liga de la Guerra Opositor

“La protesta más allá de la ley no se aparta de la democracia, es absolutamente esencial para que” Howard Zinn (1922-2010)

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Kayakeando por el Caribe por Oscar Lopez Rivera (Albums)

Aljazeera- look it up on line
The Guardian <>
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November 2, 1917- A Day No Arab Should Ever Forget

We will never forget the grand betrayal of the Western powers to our cause of Unity and Liberation. Without Arab help and support the West wouldn’t had achieved victory against the Ottomans. As soon as First World War ended a secret agreement between Britain and France, known as Sykes-Picot, to divide the Arab homeland into mini states under their Imperialist domination was revealed by the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

This notorious Sykes-Picot agreement (15 May 1916) was struck as a prelude to facilitate the creation of the Zionist state in Palestine at the Arab expense. The Balfour Declaration granting a National Home in Palestine to the Zionist movement followed a year and a half later, 2 November 1917. For this reason Palestine was carved out of Syria and put under the British Mandate.

The Balfour Declaration had treated Palestine, as it was a piece of real estate owned by Britain and granted it to the Zionists. It referred to the Arabs of Palestine who comprised 92% of the population as “non Jewish communities of Palestine”, this intended to give a false impression that the Arabs of Palestine were an insignificant minority occupying a position subordinate to the Zionists.

The Arabs were able to diagnose the malicious intention of the British government and understood the real danger behind such a declaration, robbing them from their land and secure it for the Zionists.

Palestine was victimized and partitioned furthermore in 1947. The USSR and US played leading roles in bringing about a vote favorable to the usurpation of our land. Unauthorized US nationals and organizations, including members of Congress, notably in the closing days of the General Assembly, brought pressure on various foreign delegates and their home governments to induce them to support the US attitude on the Palestine Question.

US Ambassador to the UN, Warren Austin, had opposed his country’s position on Palestine. He could not comprehend “how it was possible to carve out of an area already too small for a state a still smaller state. He thought it was certain that such a state would have to defend itself with bayonets forever, until extinguished in blood. The Arabs, he said, would never be willing to have such a small state in their heart”.

Mr. Warren Austin was right. The Arabs will not tolerate such a settler colonialist state in their midst. The Western powers and their Zionist allies terrorized the Palestinians and forced them into exile. Injustice will not survive. The Palestinian fighters will continue their struggle by all means necessary to secure the total liberation of Palestine and for the Return of the Palestinian people to their villages, towns and cities and homes.



27 MILLION SLAVES – Kevin Bales, PhD, author of Disposable People and head of Free the Slaves, did a whirlwind tour April 19, 2005, of Mercyhurst Campus in Erie PA, speaking to a half-dozen different venues.

The problem of slavery has been a problem since the early days of our human history. It is shameful and ironic that in an age of huge technological advances, and vast knowledge of so many things, we still find man enslaving mankind. Slavery has been re-labeled and packaged in a discrete, but more brutal form, to suit the interests of the 1% robber class. Anyone who isn’t in the 1% is a slave. Yes I said “everyone”. Today the slave masters are the huge corporations that set up shop in the third world to get slave labor to produce their products and in turn those products are sold to self deluded slaves in the West who can’t see they are in bondage. People who exist to work and pay bills and shop in malls 24/7.

Consumers are slaves. If you ask the average western person if they feel enslaved he/she will answer that they are not slaves because they are free to do what they want and they work to get the things they need. Indeed they work at jobs that are NOT paying them enough to get by. They are free to be in debt to the banks and free to die working. An eternal cycle of working spending and never free of debt.

Millionaires are not exempt. The slave master billionaire robber class controls them and can take everything they possess. All it takes is legislation that allows confiscation of assets in times of ‘emergency’ and the millionaire class is bankrupt. Millionaires are slaves with wealth that can be taken away by the slave masters.

Whether you live in the third world, physically enslaved, or in the west, mentally and economically enslaved, in a prison without walls you are indeed a slave. The way to become free is to collectively agree that slavery must end and then speak that truth to the 1% robber class. Freedom is NOT free. Many activists have given their sweat, blood and lives to guarantee the freedoms that are now being shredded by the fascist 1% robber class.

It is time for the 99% to awaken to the fact that we are SLAVES of one sort or another and balance out the social inequality. There can be no freedom so long as one person is a slave. There will never be peace in the world as long as there is slavery. Let us work towards ending slavery at ALL levels globally by demanding its end loudly via our activism come what may.

Professor Chomsky in Gaza Breaking the Siege 10-24-12

Professor Chomsky in Gaza breaking the seige on Gaza.

He said:
“I’m here in Gaza, I’ve been here for several days. I was here hoping to greet the latest boat from the Flotilla, the Estelle. We were waiting at the Gaza port. The boat, like earlier ones, was hijacked by the Israeli navy. They call it Israeli territorial waters, it’s actually Gazan waters or international waters, Israel has no right to those waters. The Estelle was another effort to break the siege, as in some way is our visit. The siege is a criminal act that has no justification. It should be broken and it should be strongly opposed by the outside world. It’s simply an effort to intimidate the Gazans into self-destruction, to try to get rid of them and destroy the society. There is absolutely no justification for it — military justifications are claimed but they have no credibility. The people on the boat should be honoured and respected for their courage and commitment and for undertaking a brave and important effort to break the siege, the criminal siege, and bring hope to the people of Gaza who are imprisoned, literally imprisoned in the biggest prison in the world. Also to bring to the world the message that we on the outside have a real responsibility to bring these criminal acts to an end.” (in response to a question from David Heap, of

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice sends its blessings and a kiss of respect to Professor Chomsky for his firm and unyielding support of Palestine. He is a great example of what activists should be. True activists are NOT afraid to speak truth to power and to defy the tyranny of the tyrants in this world. He is a brave man to risk his life on this journey to defy the Zionist terrorism upon Palestinians and the siege on the Gaza.

One day soon we -who strive for justice and peace- shall overcome’. Palestine shall be free and the cancer of Zionism will be eradicated from this world.


Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

Interview of Abu Mumia Jamal 10-18-12

Abu Mumia Jamal shares his thoughts on the immigration movement and ethnic studies ban in Arizona which includes some of his own books being banned to which his response was “Thank you, i’m proud to be banned in Arizona!”




This is a clip from a Mexican movie featuring the comedic genius Cantinflas. The name of the movie is “Su Excelencia” and it is subtitled in English.

“It is a 1967 Mexican political satire film directed by Miguel M. Delgado and starring Cantinflas, Sonia Infante, and Guillermo Zetina. The film is set in a fictional dystopia where “Red” and “Green” countries are the political equivalents of the socialist and capitalist countries of the Cold War, which the film satirizes. Cantinflas portrays Lopitos, a chancellor stationed in his country’s (Republica de Los Cocos) embassy in the communist country of Pepeslavia who later ascends to the role of ambassador and has to decide the pivotal vote of joining the “Reds” or the “Greens”, therefore deciding the fate of one hundred nations.

Lopitos, who is horribly inefficient but quick-witted, is invited (because of the current ambassador’s superstition about 13 sitting down to a meal) to a banquet attended by the ambassadors of both superpowers. After the news of a series of coups d’état in Los Cocos arrives throughout the meal, Lopitos becomes the official ambassador.

At a summit of world leaders, the representatives of the two world superpowers, “Dolaronia” (a play on words of the dollar, the currency of USA) and “Pepeslavia”, court the allegiances of third-world diplomats to tilt the balance of global power in their favor. The last diplomat to remain unaligned, Lopitos instead harangues the superpowers for infringing on the rights of developing countries to self determination, talking to them with his point of view as a citizen not as ambassador because he arranged his demise as ambassador one day before his speech.”

The amazing thing about the speech is that it applies to this very day. Nothing has changed. Here is an example of a Mexican actor/director who used his talents as a tool for activism via his craft.  His movies were always profound in a hilarious way conveying a sincere message calling for love, world peace and social equality. He was critical of all political and social injustice. His ART was a gift to humanity. May he rest in peace. 


Advocates for Peace and Social Justice sends its love and appreciation to
Pink Floyd for dedicating this beautiful song to Palestine.  Without doubt ‘we shall overvcome some day.’

Migna Khan
Executive Director

Jeff Archer: The Mother of All Battles



Advocates for Peace and Social Justice highly recommends Jeff Archer’s book Mother of All Battles..  It is the REAL story of Iraq that you will find nowhere else.

  • 400 pages
  • In-depth interviews with Salah al-Mukhtar, former Iraqi ambassador to India and Vietnam: Curtis Doebbler, member of Saddam Hussein’s legal defense team: Captain Eric May, former U.S. Army intelligence officer; and others
  • Real, not revisionist history of Iraq: the great education, medical, and civil programs Iraq once possessed
  • 52 photos and illustrations not shown in mainstream media
  • Comprehensive analysis of lies and distortion used to demonize Iraq including weapons of mass destruction, gassing of Iraqi Kurds, Al-Qaeda-Iraq link, etc.
  • The real reasons for the Iran-Iraq War
  • And much, much more



Whistle blower who revealed “israeli” nuclear bombs


“By speaking I make it very hard for the United States to fight the Arabs because how can they go into Iraq and ignore Israel?” explains Mordechai Vanunu.  

He’s proud of his role in fighting nuclear proliferation by exposing Israel’s nuclear programme and continues to speak out. But his glib tongue may talk him back into prison. Since his release last year, he’s been banned from talking to journalists or leaving the country. But he continues to defy these restrictions.

“People have a right to speak without fear … I’m not doing anything bad.” – Mordechai Vanunu

Many Israelis disagree. As Justice Minister Yosef Lapid fumes: “He betrayed his country. He didn’t repent and he’s hell bent on doing as much harm as he can.”

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice sends its respect to Mordechai Vanunu for his personal sacrifice of 18 years of his life for revealing the truth that “israel” wanted to keep hidden from the world.  “Israel” accused Iraq, and now Iran, of making atom bombs and hiding them underground. Iraq did not have those bombs and Iran does not have them either. Why does “israel” accuse others of precisely the things it has done? “Israel” has over 200 atom bombs yet it is afraid of Arab nations who have none. Sheer malice and hypocrisy. “Israel” is a usurper. A virtual machine that thrives on violence and theft. The nations of the world must stop supporting the “israeli” zionist machine and place heavy international sanctions on “israel” to stop the genocide and land grabbing in Palestine and to put an end to the “israeli” nuclear threat everywhere.


The banks terrorism on homeowners and how to survive the attack.

Andrea Egizi is a very strong activist and member of the Occupy Movement. Her story is a breath of fresh air and hope for the millions who are under attack by the fascist banks ‘too big to fail’ and needing the bailouts from We the People. Where is the bailout for the homeowners of the USA?