Whistle blower who revealed “israeli” nuclear bombs


“By speaking I make it very hard for the United States to fight the Arabs because how can they go into Iraq and ignore Israel?” explains Mordechai Vanunu.  

He’s proud of his role in fighting nuclear proliferation by exposing Israel’s nuclear programme and continues to speak out. But his glib tongue may talk him back into prison. Since his release last year, he’s been banned from talking to journalists or leaving the country. But he continues to defy these restrictions.

“People have a right to speak without fear … I’m not doing anything bad.” – Mordechai Vanunu

Many Israelis disagree. As Justice Minister Yosef Lapid fumes: “He betrayed his country. He didn’t repent and he’s hell bent on doing as much harm as he can.”

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice sends its respect to Mordechai Vanunu for his personal sacrifice of 18 years of his life for revealing the truth that “israel” wanted to keep hidden from the world.  “Israel” accused Iraq, and now Iran, of making atom bombs and hiding them underground. Iraq did not have those bombs and Iran does not have them either. Why does “israel” accuse others of precisely the things it has done? “Israel” has over 200 atom bombs yet it is afraid of Arab nations who have none. Sheer malice and hypocrisy. “Israel” is a usurper. A virtual machine that thrives on violence and theft. The nations of the world must stop supporting the “israeli” zionist machine and place heavy international sanctions on “israel” to stop the genocide and land grabbing in Palestine and to put an end to the “israeli” nuclear threat everywhere.

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