27 MILLION SLAVES – Kevin Bales, PhD, author of Disposable People and head of Free the Slaves, did a whirlwind tour April 19, 2005, of Mercyhurst Campus in Erie PA, speaking to a half-dozen different venues.

The problem of slavery has been a problem since the early days of our human history. It is shameful and ironic that in an age of huge technological advances, and vast knowledge of so many things, we still find man enslaving mankind. Slavery has been re-labeled and packaged in a discrete, but more brutal form, to suit the interests of the 1% robber class. Anyone who isn’t in the 1% is a slave. Yes I said “everyone”. Today the slave masters are the huge corporations that set up shop in the third world to get slave labor to produce their products and in turn those products are sold to self deluded slaves in the West who can’t see they are in bondage. People who exist to work and pay bills and shop in malls 24/7.

Consumers are slaves. If you ask the average western person if they feel enslaved he/she will answer that they are not slaves because they are free to do what they want and they work to get the things they need. Indeed they work at jobs that are NOT paying them enough to get by. They are free to be in debt to the banks and free to die working. An eternal cycle of working spending and never free of debt.

Millionaires are not exempt. The slave master billionaire robber class controls them and can take everything they possess. All it takes is legislation that allows confiscation of assets in times of ‘emergency’ and the millionaire class is bankrupt. Millionaires are slaves with wealth that can be taken away by the slave masters.

Whether you live in the third world, physically enslaved, or in the west, mentally and economically enslaved, in a prison without walls you are indeed a slave. The way to become free is to collectively agree that slavery must end and then speak that truth to the 1% robber class. Freedom is NOT free. Many activists have given their sweat, blood and lives to guarantee the freedoms that are now being shredded by the fascist 1% robber class.

It is time for the 99% to awaken to the fact that we are SLAVES of one sort or another and balance out the social inequality. There can be no freedom so long as one person is a slave. There will never be peace in the world as long as there is slavery. Let us work towards ending slavery at ALL levels globally by demanding its end loudly via our activism come what may.

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