On the domestic level the ECONOMY is in shambles:

  • Low numbers in job creation
  • High numbers in unemployment
  • High numbers of foreclosures
  • Increasing numbers of homeless persons (many of which are veterans returning from fake war on terror in the Muslim world)
  • Activists are being oppressed and labeled “terrorists” to marginalize them and stifle the spreading of truth.


  • China and Russia are in a cold war with the USA
  • They are dropping the US Dollar as sole trade currency
  • Trade wars are festering and will hurt the US badly
  • Europe is afraid of the trade wars but they support the zionist agenda against the Arab/Muslim world so it is facing economic destruction with Germany set to control all of Europe as the Fourth Reich.


  • The Zionist agenda against Iran will continue to gain ground for the sake the banksters, the oligarchy and ‘israel’.
  • The fake war on terror will continue to incite destabilization of our Muslim nations.
  • The drone attacks on our Muslim brethren will not stop.
  • The illegal occupations and torture of our brethren will continue.
  • Muslims in the USA, and globally, will continue to suffer the effects of Islamophobia which will in turn escalate tensions in the USA, EU and worldwide.

The People of the USA are blind to the reality that their vote counts for nothing because the ‘electoral college’ is the one who determines who is ‘selected’ totally setting aside the popular vote. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. Americans need to wake up and see the Hollywood drama that their political landscape has become. It is all theatre to fool the gullible. When will we learn that doing the same thing over and over again is insanity. We keep casting our worthless votes for the fascist trash hoping against hope that voting for the lesser evil will save us but it never does. Voting for trash sends the signal that we approve of what they do. It is time to hold off on voting and start demanding true reform.

The People of the USA will continue to suffer the police state tactics that are in place to erode their civil liberties and enslave them into a system more oppressive than Hitler’s ever was. Obama has done more to shred the Constitution and our civil rights than any other President in our history. The NDAA, SOPA, PIPA and 40,000 other fascist laws against “We the People” are a testament to that evil.

The Zionist agenda will destroy the USA, Europe and ‘israel’. China and Russia are
aligned with India, Brazil and south american nations which have the capacity to
militarily contain the balance of power geopolitically. At the moment the impact is
economic but- in time- it will turn into war against the USA and its allies which will end
badly for the USA, EU and ‘israel’. His second term will bring more of his fascist support for Goldman Sachs (Wall Street) fraud and more oppression of the People at every level. Have no doubt that he will continue to make the rich richer and the poor more destitute.

The foreign policy will not change in Obama’s second term. The USA is married to psychopathic ‘israel’ and will continue to harass and murder at will in the Muslim world.

The Muslim nations will continue to suffer badly but that suffering will translate into intense resistance. The Zionist agenda in our Muslim nations has failed and will ultimately destroy the West economically.

The bottom line will be the destruction of the West (as we know it). The USA will reap
what it has sown for itself domestically and internationally as will Europe and ‘israel’.

I call on activists everywhere to move ahead fearlessly and voice out against the evil that has been (and is being) done by the Zionists that have hijacked all three houses of government.

May GOD have mercy on the innocent everywhere.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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