The Demonization of Russia and Putin in Western Media

Good Morning friends!

This morning you will hear a lot of zionist nazi talking heads on TV ratcheting up LIES against Russia and Putin. The stage for that has been set by zionist controlled corporate media. It appears that the Nazis in Kiev (supported and loved by the USA/UK/EU) have circulated an “accusation” that Russia invaded Nazi controlled Ukraine to secure a gas pipeline. There is no factual evidence of that. What is happening is that the West is lost and desperate to find justification for aggression. The Zionist Nazi warmongers in DC are reeling from the buffet Putin has served up for them and lacking any leverage have turned to LIES. It is the same tactic used on the run up to Iraq’s ILLEGAL invasion/occupation. Remember that the USA believed “curve ball” and other Iraqi traitors to justify a crime against international law. Don’t believe the lies you will hear on the corporate media from the zioNazi maggots who are itching to provoke WWIII.

Putin has all the aces in hand. He does not need to invade Ukraine to appropriate anything because Russia controls the flow of gas to Ukraine. Also bear in mind that the Nazis in Kiev know that the Crimeans will side with Russia in the referendum. Once that happens the Nazis in Kiev will literally starve and be at each others throats. Revolts against them will take place too. Nazi controlled Ukraine cannot survive on the pittance it will receive from the IMF. As a matter of fact that money will have to be paid to Russia to cover the huge debt Ukraine owes Russia for oil and gas. Is it a wonder then that the Nazis in Kiev are circulating lies that they feel will gather sympathy for them?

Is it a wonder that the US/UK/EU are supporting those lies in their zionist controlled media? Putin has inflicted several fatal wounds on the West and they are desperate to get out of the checkmate which is strangling them to death. Indeed you will hear many LIES in their media about Putin being this and that or Russia doing this and that but be not deceived it is all a huge LIE. Putin has surrounded the US in every direction with missiles, he is deporting executives of US/UK/EU corporations like there is no tomorrow and he has sold 100 billion US Treasury bills forcing the US to pay money it does not have. On top of that he has secured Crimea and left Nazi occupied Ukraine to implode economically. The West is bankrupted and cannot give the Nazis (that they now call ‘democratic’) any assistance. The IMF money will not be enough to cover Ukraine’s obligations.

When you read the LIES bear all of the above in mind. There is nowhere for the Nazis in Ukraine or the West to go except down the abyss.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

2 thoughts on “The Demonization of Russia and Putin in Western Media

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