Weekly Report from Iraq 4/4/2014

Via:   Falastini Moghtareb – Iraq Committee Info USA


Weekly report from Iraq
April 4 2014

Most notable this last week has been the escalation of fighting conducted by the Iraqi Resistance in and around Abu Ghrieb on the outskirts of Baghdad. This means that the Iraqi revolution is steadfastedly moving towards its decisive battle in Baghdad. Indeed, the Iraqi tribal forces have continued to expand with success their military operations beyond the province of Al-Anbar most notably in Ninaveh, Salah Al-Dein, Taameem, and Diyali provinces. Scores of the Iranian backed criminals of the Baghdad regime have been killed or injured, while many have abandoned their posts and fled. This while government thugs have continued their punishment of civilians and bombing of residential areas most notably in Al-Anbar province where many innocent have been displaced from their homes, injured, or killed.

Furthermore, the criminal government have been leading massive arrest campaigns, imprisonment and torture of prisoners. There have been also reports of the Iraqi Resistance arresting agents in civilian clothing equipped with silencer guns intent on carrying assassination campaigns.

The Iraqi armed revolution that began in 2011 and then erupted with armed struggle in 2013 is being sustained in 2014 with great heroism and bravery to its ultimate victory in bringing down the traitor goverment and liberating Iraq from outside influences most notably that of Iran.

This while the US and world media continue to impose a blackout on the successes of the Iraqi revolution.


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