Weekly report from Iraq
Falastini Moghtareb
June 27 2014

Reports from the field this last week indicate the Iraqi Revolutionaries are now in control of 60% of Iraq. Spanning from the north of Iraq all the way south to the outskirts of the city of Baghdad.

Meanwhile, Iran sends 1500 of its Revolutionary Guards alongside 200 top aids headed by Iranian Revolutionary Guard criminal commander Qassim Suliemani backed by Iraqi sectarian militias and a reported 5000 Iranian sectarian volunteers who flock into Baghdad and other parts of Iraq to defend against advances of the Iraqi Resistance.
AlMaliki is reported to be in the Green Zone where the Americans headed by John Kerry secretary of state has ordered his US body guards withdrawn and placed AlMaliki under house arrest

Syrian air-force of Bashar AlAsad raid and bombard positions in Alqaem West of AlAnbar province in support of AlMaliki. 50 civilians reported killed and 130 injured. This while Kurdish Bashmargah militias engage the Iraqi Resistance in battles at Jalwlaa in Diyali province causing many civilian injuries due to random shelling of residential areas.
Newsreports now indicate that Abul AlWaleed criminal commander of Tal Afar was not executed as reported before but has surrendered himself to Kurdish forces in order to save his life and the lives of his criminal men, leaving behind Tal Afar in the hands of the Iraqi Resistance. Before leaving though Abu AlWaleed ordered the murder of 97 prisoners at Tal Afar.

Next, British press claimed the capture of traitor judge Raouf who communicated the death sentence of president martyr Saddam Hussein reporting his execution at the hands of the Iraqi Resistance.

In Mosul, life returns to normal as Mosul becomes the first liberated city in Iraq under the control of the Iraqi Resistance. This last week however witnessed Syrian air raids in nearby Tal Afar causing damages.

In Babel province, AlMaliki executes 70 prisoners at Tasfeerat AlHal prison and throws their bodies in the street.

The number of injured civilians received at Fallujah central hospital since the start of the Iraqi revolution and as a result of continued bombing of civilians has reached 482 martyred and 1713 injured.

In the liberated city of Tikrit that is now in the hands of the resistance, a failed attempt to rob the bank located at the University of Tikrit by air landing of Safawi militias inside the university has resulted in the resistance downing four helicopters and the capture of two criminal pilot officers and a Lebanese citizen acting as a consultant to the robbers.



Supersized: The Dangers of Fructose, Obesity and Fatty Liver

A lecture by Aldo R. Maspons, M.D., assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso.


The Official Statement from the Iraqi Baath Party Regarding ISIS – 6/14/14

The OFFICIAL word from the Iraqi Baath Party regarding ISIS.

solidarity with the Iraqi people/متضامنون مع الشعب العراقي

June 14, 2014 I picked up this statement from an interview in Arabic with Dr. Khdhyer Al-Murshidy, the Spokesman of the Arab Baath Socialist Party, the Secretary General of the Patriotic, Nationalist and Islamist Front in Iraq told the Turkish Anadolu News Agency today.




“STOP RESISTING” the police said to a homeless man who was sound asleep when his person was brutally assaulted by the socio/psychopaths in blue. The man was NOT resisting but rather reacting as a normal person to an assault. Secondly, each of us has the RIGHT of self defense but I cannot see where he had to chance to defend himself really. The officer saw the man was dead asleep, pulled out his gun and started to assault the man the moment his eyes opened. “STOP RESISTING” is the cry of the police state to justify its brutality on “We the People”. Oh but don’t fret my friends. There is NOTHING happening here. The system will give the assailants a bonus and no charges will be filed. USA #1 at police brutality. Don’t get wrong people. There are many good policemen/women out there but it seems that they are minuscule in number compared to the sociopath and psychopaths wearing a badge these days. Given the circumstances I say:


Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice