“STOP RESISTING” the police said to a homeless man who was sound asleep when his person was brutally assaulted by the socio/psychopaths in blue. The man was NOT resisting but rather reacting as a normal person to an assault. Secondly, each of us has the RIGHT of self defense but I cannot see where he had to chance to defend himself really. The officer saw the man was dead asleep, pulled out his gun and started to assault the man the moment his eyes opened. “STOP RESISTING” is the cry of the police state to justify its brutality on “We the People”. Oh but don’t fret my friends. There is NOTHING happening here. The system will give the assailants a bonus and no charges will be filed. USA #1 at police brutality. Don’t get wrong people. There are many good policemen/women out there but it seems that they are minuscule in number compared to the sociopath and psychopaths wearing a badge these days. Given the circumstances I say:


Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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