Falastini Moghtareb: Weekly Report from Iraq

Weekly report from Iraq
falastini Moghtareb
July 4 2014

On the political front this last week, US representatives are split on using air strikes in Iraq. US democrats want to avoid air-strikes in Iraq that anger “Sunnis”, while Republican representatives with the exception of Lindsey Graham support using air-strikes in Iraq. Representative Adam Schiff wants to see AlMaliki removed from power.

The traitor leadership of the Kurds has moved to take over the city of Karkuk in order to declare a separate Kurdish state in the north. Their real aim is to take full possesion of the oil fields which they have already started to export to the Zionist state of “israel”.

Meanwhile, Kerry and Obama are consulting with the Saudis to find a diplomatic solution in Iraq to replace AlMaliki with a so-called democratic representative government that would include more Sunni and Kurdish representation.

On the other-hand, the Iraqi Resistance’s response on the “new democratic representative government” proposal being discussed by the major political players in the region in order to replace AlMaliki in Iraq has been the following:
1. Iran must leave 
2. No foreign interference from outside powers of any 
3. AlMaliki must leave
4. No splitting of Iraq. Especially 
5. Rejection of Shiaa states in south and Sunni state in the middle. All Iraq is one. No to     fragmentation.

On the battle-field, the Iranians are now engaged in military operations against the Iraqi Resistance and are being supported by Russian and Syrian air support. In response, the Iraqi Resistance has issued a warning that any mercenary pilot captured by the resistance whether Russian, Syrian, or Iranian will be dealt with swiftly as a mercenary and not as a prisoner of war.
Next, tens are killed in a failed attack on Salah ElDein province led by AlMaliki troops sent from Samaraa. A great defeat of AlMaliki army and a great victory scored for the heroic Iraqi Resistance. The Iraqi Resistance has now advanced on Ashraf camp to liberate it in Diyali province. Meanwhile, AlMaliki criminal war planes bomb civilian shoppers in crowded markets of AlMosul.

Reports now are indicating that some 32000 criminal Iranian mercaneries have entered Iraq through Baghdad and Najaf airports. Russia sends 12 army experts to assist the criminal army of AlMaliki to air-strike positions of the Iraqi Resistance. While the US maintains its 300 army consultants on the ground in support of AlMaliki.

In AlAnbar province, major general Ahmad Jameel AlFahdawi leader of the military council of the Iraqi Revolution in AlAnbar and ex-general of the Iraqi patriotic army was assasinated in his home in Ramadi by AlMaliki thug Hamad AlTaqtaqi. Soon after sons and family of the hero martyr engaged the assasination team with fire-arms resulting in the killing of AlTaqtaqi and 12 of his unit that included 8 criminal sectarians of Asab AlHaq. The Iraqi Resistance proclaimed AlFahdawi a great hero of Iraq for his valor and heroism in serving his country.

As of July 1, the number of injured civilians received at Fallujah central hospital in AlAnbar province since the start of the Iraqi revolution, and as a result of contiueous bombing of civilians, has now reached 503 martyred and 1766 injured. Similarly, in Baghdad, 158 bodies arrive in the city morgue of Sunnis kidnapped and killed in sectarian killings in the city.

Now, Shiaa cleric Mahmoud AlHasni AlSarkhi has joined the Iraqi Revolution alongside Sunni fighters and called his followers in Karblaa to confront AlMaliki’s Safawi militias. AlSarkhi rejects AlSistani’s fatwa to fight Sunnis and his followers clash with AlMaliki troops taking up positions in Karblaa, AlBasra, and Zi Qar province in southern Iraq. By July 3rd, AlSarkhi followers attack AlSholaa and AlHoria areas inside Baghdad.

Lastly, with the rise of southern Iraq, the Iraqi Revolution seems set to regain the unity of the Iraqi people in their steadfast march to liberate their country.

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