Chris Frazier: Neoliberalism

by Chris Frazier
February 5, 2015

Neoliberalism, a vile perversion of globalization, itself a perversion of “emerging markets” capitalism, has gone unchecked for so long that one percent of the world’s population have become obscenely wealthy on the backs of the world’s poorest and weakest. These wealthy produce nothing, yet grow even wealthier by gambling with and churning the money of others. If they fail, governments shield them through such U.S. creations as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, protectionism on a scale that was once simply unimaginable, and a network of banking cartels that encircle the globe and includes our own Federal Reserve system. This class of predators is known within the sphere of economics as “Locusts” because their behavior mimics that of the insect associated with the rapid destruction of crops; things having true value that are necessary for survival.

Such a scheme of capitalism, while destroying the hopes and dreams of millions throughout the world and looting resources all over the planet, has succeeded in creating a pernicious economic framework never before imagined. These one percent are largely untaxed, unregulated, sheltered in off-shore tax havens, protected by the political class and intelligence agencies, and allowed to plunder at will. This sham form of capitalism bears no resemblance to “free market economies” and “free enterprise.” Such predatory capitalism least wants to see the growth of any markets that operate freely with minimal regulation. Competition, to the “Locusts,” is a disease that must be eradicated by any means necessary.

This trash class is simply a species of parasite that is allowed to prosper through the labor of people so poor they have no clean water, adequate shelter, sewage, medical care or opportunity to become educated so that they can escape this terrible wage slavery and bondage imposed on them by unresponsive and unelected cabals of creatures who answer to no one.

On a positive note, such a scheme carries the seeds of its own inevitable destruction, so big that it must fail, and this monster is about to explode from its own greed, insatiable appetite for more and more power and meaningless possessions, and rapaciousness. Our governing elites will go down with this structure whose contours and machinations they don’t even begin to understand. It is one crash that I will welcome because these “Locusts” will learn about, and experience, a grand suffering of their own making. They deserve, at the very least, to suffer the way their serfs are compelled to do. ~ CF

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