Beloved Brethren and Comrades:

It was a stifling hot day in New Jersey but Muslims Against Hunger’s Ali Hassan came to Hudson County’s Journal Square in Jersey City to deliver 50 homemade sandwiches accompanied by bottled waters and 25 pounds of yellow bananas. It was a lunch designed to give our homeless and needy the much needed protein, potassium and hydration necessary to survive this blistering hot weather. Everything we had on hand went quickly and we received so many blessings and thanks from all of our homeless and needy friends. Nevertheless, I was saddened that so many people had to sit exposed to extreme heat in the streets for lack of housing in the midst of so many abandoned buildings in the area. There is no doubt that we’ve become an inhumane and narcissistic society where a class war is fomenting. Those who have more than enough throw dirt at those who have nothing. Be assured that GOD will punish such selfishness. I really don’t know how millionaires can enjoy their houses and yachts knowing that there are so many in critical need. They walk totally oblivious and arrogant to the needs of the poor but, the day will come where GOD will bring everyone to account for what they did with the wealth that HE allowed them to enjoy in life.. I pity them all because every dollar they did not spend in charity will be accounted for in hell. Makes no difference whether you believe in God, heaven or hell or not, the day of accounting will come.

We are in need of donations of food and essentials. Please find it in your heart to give some of the blessing GOD has given you to those who languish in the streets. The homeless are not lazy people. The majority of them work menial low paying jobs that don’t allow them to pay rent at current rates. Others suffer from physical and psychologial illnesses that prevent them from employment. Anybody could fall into homelessness (even professionals). Last year I met a homeless psychologist with nothing in her possession but a brief case, a laptop and the clothes on her back. She was hopelessly depressed in need of all kinds of help yet, none was to be found except for the food we brought and the counseling I gave her. Her experience should serve as a lesson to those arrogant professionals who are living in a bubble of self-deceiving arrogance towards the poor. If it weren’t for GOD’s mercy YOU would be on the streets too so be kind and give what you can.

Those who are disposed to help us help the homeless please contact me via Facebook, Twitter or email at: GOD will bless you greatly for whatever you give.  Photos of today’s event are found below.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice
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