Friends there is no doubt that today has been the beginning of WWIII. Russia is in Syria by invitation of the Syrian Government stomping out the monsters created by the USA/NATO and israhell. The ZioNazis in the US/NATO and israhell are releasing rivers of diarreah because the Russians are succeeding in draining the swamp of FAKE Muslim mercenaries bought and paid for by the US/NATO and israhell so their intention is to discredit Russia with a massive campaign of propaganda LIES and provocations.
So far they have downed a Russian passenger plane and used the apostate Erdogan to LIE about Russian aircraft violating Turkish airspace and used that LIE as an excuse to shoot down a Russian jet in Syrian territory. The pilots were shot on their descent to the ground. Leaving one dead and the other in apparent capture. Then the NATO criminals blamed Russia for violating Turkish airspace in another attempt to provoke Russia into a hot conflict. There is no doubt that the criminals in NATO/USA and israhell are out to start WWIII. If that jet had been a NATO or US plan shot down by Russia all hell would have broke loose because the psychopaths in the West believe only they are entitled to defend their sovereign airspace while they are free to ILLEGALLY fly over the sovereign airspace of other nations.
Today’s events demonstrate the kind of psychopathic warmongering bastards the USA/NATO and israhell are. Blaming the victim will only increase the desire of Russia to destroy them all. They deserve to be destroyed. Nevertheless, the restraint that I saw today on the part of Putin is to be commended. The man reacted in a somber but deadly serious manner that should be expected from a head of state. The apostate in Turkey is hiding behind the skirt of the US and NATO but that shall not save him. Erdogan is a devil dressed as a Muslim and he will meet his punishment from GOD in a very unique way.  Turkey has been profiting from the embezzlement corridor in Turkey from which ISIS sells stolen petroleum to Turkey and NATO nations. It is understandable that the monsters that the West created and named ISIS=ISIL=Daesch=Boko Haram – and other FAKE Islamic groups-are making billions in that racket. Nobody needs Russia breaking up a good thing so they have all ganged up to support the apostate Erdogan to condemn Russia with the LIE it violated Turkish airspace.
Business is business but the US/NATO and israhell are in for a huge surprise. Russia will turn the tables again and leave the criminals naked and exposed again in a more humiliating light. There is no question that Russia will retaliate. Russia must retaliate- because it has no choice -and surely it will when the conditions are right. Then, my friends, will we all experience a tremendous deal of pain and suffering thanks to the psychopaths in the USA/NATO and israhell. The matter is by no means finished.  The entire West is headed for destruction in a variety of ways. GOD help us all.
Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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