Dear Friends and Comrades:

Just when I thought that I would not be going to see the homeless (for lack of food donations) I got a phone call advising that Ram and Dalit (volunteers from the Sai Baba Temple in North Brunswick, NJ – an affiliate of Muslims Against Hunger) were on their way to Jersey City with 120 lunches and 50 crocheted caps and scarves to distribute to our homeless and needy friends at Hudson County’s Journal Square.

The weather today was brutally cold. The homeless were huddled inside the PATH building to avoid freezing to death. When they saw us it was all love and smiles. They were wondering what had happened to us since Christmas. I told them that I never forget about them but there were obstacles in the past few weeks which prevented us from coming to see them.

We distributed about 75 lunches and all of the caps and scarves were gone in a matter of less than 20 minutes. The homeless could not thank us enough for the gifts of love we brought them. All remaining food was donated to a local shelter.

Special blessings are sent to the members of the Sai Baba Temple in North Brunswick for knitting all those beautiful hats and scarves to keep our homeless friends warm in this wickedly cold weather. Big blessings go out to Ram and Dalit who took the time to deliver the donations today in spite of the severe cold. Photos from the event are found below.

I felt very happy and blessed to be able to see the homeless this week and thank GOD for HIS opening the way for the homeless to be cared for with some food and warm things to wear. I can only hope that someday soon GOD will move the hearts of some to come help me distribute hot food on the last Sunday of every month. It is appalling to me that nobody wants to take an hour’s time to help with that task. I can no longer do the task by myself (due to health issues) so I beg whoever can help to join me. If your heart moves you to come please send me an email at: or send me a private message on Facebook.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice



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