Dear Friends and Comrades:

On this beautiful frigid day Ali Hassan (of Muslims Against Hunger) delivered 75 lunches to our homeless and needy friends at Hudson County’s Journal Square in Jersey City, New Jersey. For reasons unknown there were not too many homeless out today but we did hand out 50 lunches. The remainder was delivered to St. Lucy’s Shelter. Blessings and thanks go out to Ali Hassan and to the members of Sai Baba Center in North Brunswick, New Jersey for the delivery and preparation of the lunches.

On another note, I was saddened to hear that yet another homeless man has passed away on the street. I suppose that there are many out there who see the death of  a homeless person as just “one less insect in the world”  but it is a big stain on our communities and nation that people are homeless in the first place. They are human beings that deserve food, shelter and medical attention yet, they are marginalized and left to die on the streets. Does anyone ever stop to think that  if our criminal fascist government stopped dropping bombs on innocents all over the planet we would have MORE than enough to care for those who have been forced onto the streets by the economic implosion of this nation?

Very few people give a rat’s tail about those languishing on the streets. Shame on you all. Always remember that it is only by GOD’s grace that it isn’t you who is homeless on the street. Many of the homeless are educated people who had a job, 401K, a house or apartment but they lost it all and were forced to hit the streets.  Others have been on the streets for years because it is very hard to find a job when you have no address, no phone number and no access to daily hygiene. More surprising still is the fact that a great part of the homeless population goes to work every day for slave wages which don’t allow them to rent apartments at todays rates. They run from their slave jobs to a shelter hoping to grab a bed for the night. Often they fall asleep on the subway and are harassed by the police for sleeping. When a person falls into homelessness there is no way out in the majority of cases unless people of conscience lend a hand.

Our society is sullied by its indifference to the homeless and needy but don’t worry. Many who are riding high and mighty today will be reduced to pennilessness in the near future. You will go to sleep a millionaire and wake up to total poverty in the morning. It is GOD who makes people rich and it is HE who brings them to ruin as well. Be careful how you use your wealth because you will have to account for  it in the future. No one remembers that GOD gives them wealth so that they can help the helpless. It was not meant for anyone to hoard and spend the gift of wealth on things to please the ego or to use the power of wealth to steal from those who have nothing. There will be a punishment and it will come when the dollar collapses. Those who are wise will try to help as many homeless and needy people before GOD’s wrath hits this nation.

Having made the point above, I now ask those who can to help me on the last Sunday of the month to distribute hot meals to the homeless and needy. Please  contact me by email: or send me a private message on Facebook.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice


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