Dear Friends and Comrades:

I had a great surprise today. Ram (from Sai Baba Center in East Brunswick) arrived with 50 lunches for our homeless and needy friends at Hudson County’s Journal Square in Jersey City, New Jersey accompanied by several women to help us distribute. It was so wonderful to see volunteers doing GOD’s work.

The homeless and needy were scattered today. It was raining and they were chased out of their shelter at the PATH building by the PATH Police. As a result, we had more lunches than homeless persons to eat them. Nevertheless, we handed out 35 lunches together with slices of homemade cake to those who were in the area. The remaining lunches were delivered to St. Lucy’s Shelter.

As always our homeless and needy friends were very happy to see us and sent many blessings our way. Several of them requested that we offer prayer to benefit them. I was more than happy to lead them in prayer. I could actually sense their sincerity and devotion to GOD. Amazing how people who are in the most difficult of circumstances never lose their faith in GOD while those who are drowning in wealth ignore GOD altogether. Blessed are the poor for they shall inherit Heaven. On the other hand, many of the wealthy will be spending eternity in Hell for their greed and lack of human compassion.

The volunteers were uplifted by what they witnessed today at Journal Square. They were saddened to see the homeless suffering up close and left with an entirely new perspective about what it means to be homeless.

My thanks and blessings go out to Ram and his volunteers for coming to Jersey City with open hearts and hands filled with the gift of food to feed those who languish on the streets. The members of Sai Baba Center have a special place in my heart for their continued donations to our homeless and needy. A thank you also goes out to Zamir Hassan (Muslims Against Hunger) for his generosity to our community for the past few years. May GOD bless Muslims Against Hunger and its affiliates abundantly.

Some photos of the event are found below.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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