Dear Friends and Comrades:

Today was a day among days. Ali Hassan (Muslims Against Hunger) delivered 100 lunches donated by the Sai Baba Center (East Brunswick) to our homeless and needy friends at Hudson County’s Journal Square in Jersey City and we weren’t able to unload the lunches onto our cart for distribution because the homeless and needy literally rushed to get the lunches before we had the chance to load the cart. They blessed us greatly. All of the lunches were gone within 20 minutes. As always Ali Hassan and I were gratified to be doing God’s work and to see our homeless and needy friends eat a wholesome lunch.

Many thanks and blessings go out to the members of the Sai Baba Center for their regular food donations to those in most need in the Hudson County’s Jersey City and to Muslims Against Hunger for their constant commitment to feeding the hungry.

The photo that you will see herein shows less than half of what was delivered. By the time I could take the photo more than half the lunches were gone.

The last Sunday of the month is approaching and we need volunteers for hot meal distribution. Please contact me at if you can help to do God’s work. Thank you.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice


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