MOVIE: “The Letters” The Journey of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was GOD’s gift to the world. Throughout her life she served GOD tirelessly. Her obedience to GOD was inspirational. She set the example for humanity that love is all there is. The love of GOD transcends religions and all doctrines made by man.

Mother Teresa has not been canonized by the Church but, being that GOD gave her the rank of sainthood, it matters little that the men in her own church deny her that distinction. It is said that Mother Teresa felt abandoned by GOD but HE gave her the honor of being loved by the whole world as a beacon of HIS love. I share below the trailer of her biographical movie entitled “The Letters”. I urge you to watch the full version. It will move you and touch your heart in a very special way. Mother Teresa was the reflection of Christ’s teachings and a Muslim in the sense that she surrendered herself to GOD’s Will without question.

GOD has servants everywhere and they are not exclusive to any religion but the fruits of their work is always to HIS Greatness. The monotheists must learn to stop fighting over doctrines and concentrate on the fact that all three religions come from the ONE GOD. Mother teresa gave her love to people of all religions and skin colors. We must begin to follow her example. It is the only way to peace in the world.

Migna Khan
Executuive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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