Dear Friends and Comrades:
Today Ram (Sai Baba Temple in North Brunswick, NJ) arrived at Hudson County’s Journal Square in Jersey City, NJ with 60 lunches donated by the congregation. The parking was horrendous today so we had to keep an eye out for the car but we managed to hand out 45 lunches to our homeless and needy friends who blessed us many times over. The remainder of the lunches were delivered to St. Lucy’s Shelter.
Many thanks and blessings go out to Muslims Against Hunger and to Ram (and the members of the Temple) for their generous food donations over the past few years. They always have something for our homeless and needy friends by way of food and/or basic essentials. I can never thank them enough.
Volunteers and donations are always welcomed. If your heart is moved to donate food, clean clothing, hygiene products or just to help us distribute lunches please send me an email at: Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated.
GOD bless you all. May your holidays be joyful and prosperous.
Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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