Muslims Against Hunger- 2/5/17

Dear Friends and Comrades:

Very pleased to report that Ali Hassan (Muslims Against Hunger) came to Hudson County’s Journal Square in Jersey City, New Jersey with over 70 lunches today for our homeless and needy friends. Unfortunately, due to the chilly weather and the isolation of the homeless and needy at the square we found that many of them had dispersed out of the area to find warmth. We distributed 50 lunches and the remainder were given to a local shelter.

The winter is the worst time for the homeless. They have been tossed out of the PATH building and the immediate area by barriers everywhere. The few benches on the street have no back support and they are effectively made to sit in stress positions. During these cold winter days there should be a warming center within the PATH building complex but there are only vacant spaces to be found. It is very difficult to distribute food when the homeless are displaced. It is inhumane to deprive them of food and a warm place to be. It is shameful City of Jersey City has taken to be inhumane to those who are most in need. With all the vacant buildings in Jersey City at least one should be converted into a shelter to accommodate the overflow of homeless in the area. The established shelters are full to capacity and not able to bed everyone. Shame on Fulop and his administration. Shame on the “industry of poverty” that receives HUD money for the homeless and does NOTHING to get them off the streets.

Now that tRump is in full swing cutting everything for the poor we can expect that the homeless population will continue to mushroom. How disgraceful that our nation has become so evil towards the poor and homeless. All benefits go the wealthy, the banks and the military industrial complex while the poor languish without basic necessities. May GOD forgive this nation for its bad faith towards the homeless and poor.

As always, a big thank you and blessings go out to Muslims Against Hunger and Sai Baba Center in North Brunswick, NJ for their constant food and essentials donations.

If GOD moves your hearts to donate food and/or essentials for the homeless please contact me by email ( or on Facebook. GOD will bless you for whatever you give.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice






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