Muslims Against Hunger- 3/12/17

Dear Friends and Comrades:

Thrilled to report that Ali Hassan (Muslims Against Hunger) delivered 100 lunches to our homeless and needy friends at Jersey City’s Journal Square in Hudson County New Jersey. In this extremely frigid climate the homeless were hiding from the chill but we still managed to give out 50 lunches which they were very happy to receive and gave us blessings for coming out to care for them. Remaining lunches were donated to a local homeless shelter.

My utmost thanks and blessings go out to Muslims Against Hunger and the Sai Baba Temple in Brunswick, NJ for their love and constant donations of food to our most vulnerable and needy in Hudson County.

As always, I remind, that we need help and donations to continue our humanitarian work. Please donate whatever you can by way of food and/or essentials. GOD will bless you for whatever you give. Thank you in advance.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice


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