The Hidden History – The Khazar Empire

There is reason for everything. Nothing happens by accident. It is very important to understand the connection between the Khazars and the Jewish and Christian Peoples to fully understand what is happening in our world.  Both religions have been hijacked by a demonic/pagan enemy which will bring about the antichrist and armaggedon. The clip below summarizes the very long and complicated historical threads that have been woven into the Zionist domination of our societies. 

How Wall Street Bankers Committed Massive Fraud in Puerto Rico and Stayed out of Jail

97% of the 23% of the people who showed up to vote chose statehood for Puerto Rico. What is unfathomable about that is that the USA has destroyed Puerto Rico financially and its own economy is sinking and cannot sustain Puerto Rico as a fully integrated state -or colony- at this point. The only REAL solution is independence. That point aside, the USA government allowed the predators from Wall Street to have an orgy of fraud on the island to worsen a situation that was already catastrophic. Those banksters, gangsters and the traitors in San Juan must go to jail.