‘They need to take care of themselves’: Trump booster backs president’s complaint about lazy Puerto Ricans

OMG!! Somebody please stop listening to “paid for” Chump apologist nazis supporting the bullshit coming out of his filthy mouth. 

Puerto Rico is a COLONY of the USA, and as such, the USA is the occupying entity. That means that the USA has the obligation by international law to provide for the island of Puerto Rico in the same way that the other states are provided for in times of natural disasters. If the Chump, and his band of zionazi thieves, want to escape the obligation then let the Chump maggot set Puerto FREE and get the USA footprint off the island. 

Puerto Rico needs much more than the pittance received (by genocidal foot dragging USA). The island is destroyed. Yet, the USA is reneging to do its duty as occupier thereby denying critical assistance to its US citizens. Puerto Rico must get equal treatment to Florida and other States. The People of Puerto Rico are doing EVERYTHING they can to survive and help themselves. That fact has been well established by press reporters on the ground so the People are helping themselves. The problem isn’t the People or local government. Clearly, the problem is that the USA wants to make a profit off the reconstruction of Puerto Rico for the Wall Street thieves by forcing people to become more indebted. That is the bottom line.

Given the facts, an effort must be made to get the UN and Hague to charge Chump, and his nazi government, with crimes against humanity, failure to provide its colony by international law and intent to genocide the Puerto Rican People. ENOUGH of this bullshit!! 

The USA has a choice to make. It either stops the murderous foot dragging and gets Puerto Rico up and running or SETS PUERTO RICO FREE. Give Puerto Rico its sovereignty and get the hell out. 

Puerto Rico has suffered for over 100 years under the boot of the USA. Puerto Rican men and woman fought and died in the filthy wars of the United States. We’ve been experimented on in the vile ways. The USA killed the economy of Puerto Rico and enslaved Puerto Ricans to third class status while the Puerto Ricans worked themselves to death in factories and were discriminated against in every way on the mainland. 

The USA made Puerto Ricans CITIZENS of the United States and we must be treated as such or be set free. As a US COLONY the US government must give EQUAL treatment to Puerto Rico and under international law its genocidal foot dragging carries consequences. 

I repeat. The USA has a choice to make. Total UNCONDITIONAL assistance in every area or SOVEREINGTY FOR PUERTO RICO. Choose carefully. Either way, be advised, that the People of Puerto Rico will not be willing to allow the vultures on Wall Street to saddle them with more bullshit debt. Those days are over. Be further advised that the debt your bankers bankrupted Puerto Rico with- and the PROMESA bullshit- is OVER. Put the debt and your PROMESA in the ass of the fascist bankers who created the debt and let them eat it. Demand is hereby made for the debt of Puerto Rico to be cancelled immediately.

In regard to Govenor Rosello, and his crew of USA butt kissers, I believe you will see what will happen to them in the short run. STOP blaming your butt kissers in San Juan for YOUR failure as the occupying power. Chump is a genocidal murderer. He must be charged with crimes against humanity and malice against US Citizens in Puerto Rico. The USA CANNOT continue to use Puerto Rico as a whore- abusing and profiting- while the People are in desperate poverty and its activists are murdered in their homes or on the street. Nobody in the USA mainland is ready for what comes from Puerto Rico.  In short, the PARTY IS OVER.

I close with the words of Puerto Rican activist,  Zenobia Pintora, who echoes an undeniable truth felt in my heart:

“So, what is the United States doing in Puerto Rico?!… Get out & pay back over 100 years worth of thievery, illegal experimentation & much more… Trump personally to pay $33 Million back to the PRs… USA OUT OF PR NOW!!” (Zenobia Pintora)

SCREW Chump and his nazi apologists!! 

It is time to face the truth, put your differences aside and stand for your country. Be of one mind. Speak with one voice. Don’t settle for abuse and thievery anymore. When Chump visits Puerto Rico turn your backs to him and let the signs be seen letting him know that he is a MURDEROUS CABRON!! DEMAND THAT CHUMP PAY THE $33 MILLION HE OWES PUERTO RICO. DEMAND JUSTICE. 

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice
Boriqua hasta el hueso


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