Filberto Ojeda Rios – Martyred 9/23/05

Filberto Ojeda Rios was an Activist/leader of a movement that strives to liberate Puerto Rico from the tyranny and slavery of the USA. He wanted Puerto Rico to have self determination and sovereignty. His murder has made the Machetero Movement stronger much to the dismay of the USA’s government. In death he continues to inspire those who struggle to liberate Puerto Rico.

In the links below we can hear Filiberto, in his own words, express his love of country, his discontent over the colonization of Puerto Rico by the USA and vision for a free Puerto Rico.

“The interview was conducted while Filiberto was living clandestinely. From the information that we have gathered the interview took place sometime around 1990, a few months after Filiberto went underground and was the most watched television program in the history of Puerto Rico. At the time of this interview Filiberto was #1 on the top ten list of the FBI’s most wanted. His most wanted status remained until September 11, 2001. The interview was conducted with Daisy Sanchez, a courageous journalist who endured her own trials and tribulations when she refused to give up her sources to the FBI.” [Vgdb]

The Clandestine Interview Part 1:

The Clandestine Interview Part 2:

The Clandestine Interview Part 3:

The Clandestine Interview Part 4:

The Clandestine Interview Part 5:

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice stands in solidarity with those who seek the liberation of Puerto Rico. The island of Puerto Rico has become a place where there is no self sustaining industry. The beaches are owned by the corporate USA hotel industry which has outlawed the native Puerto Ricans from enjoying their own beaches to (not mix the native population with the tourists). All dissent is silenced with arrest and/or bullets fired by the FBI executing activists on the streets or in their homes. It has become a place rampant with crime because there are NO jobs for the young. Corruption at all levels is growing like a wild cancer threatening all in its wake. Under the current system Puerto Rico is dying. It needs to be liberated to recover its identity and sovereignty to then be able to make its contribution as a nation to the whole world.

GOD bless Puerto Rico

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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