Rachel Corrie – Martyred 3/16/03

On March 16, 2003 American activist, Rachel Corrie, was murdered by an “israeli” soldier operating a bulldozer. The driver ignored all warnings and deliberately crushed her body beneath the bulldozer and then (to add more injury) did not lift the blade so that when he reversed the murder vehicle the blade would finish all that was left of her.

Today, August 28, 2012, the Zionist Nazi court in ‘israel’ ruled that the driver of the bulldozer was innocent of that heinous murder. It ruled that her death was an “accident” because the driver did not see her. The family is planning to file an appeal asking for compensation of $1 million dollars but the Court in “israel” has said that they are not entitled to compensation because the death was “accidental”.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice stands in support of Rachel Corrie’s family and affirms that the murder of Rachel Corrie was a sad day for human rights, the rule of law and humanity itself. “Israel” has an established pattern of targeting those who witness the truth and stand against its apartheid brutality in Palestine and outside of it as well. “Israel” is the cancer that is destroying humanity with its Zionist Nazi aggression that knows no limits or bounds. It respects no law and blames the victim unashamedly. If anything positive has come from her death it is the fact that in death she has made a statement that will echo throughout history. Future generations will know that “israel” murdered her because she was an activist struggling to end the apartheid practices of “israel”. Her death will forever be a condemning testimony against “israel”. 

Advocates for Peace and Justice believes that the best tribute to Rachel Corrie is to continue in her footsteps. It shall NOT remain silent to the brutality being carried out in “israel” and it vows to continue voicing opposition and speak the truth just as Rachel Corrie did in her short life time. 

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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