“Global Capitalism: What The Tax “Reform” Means To Us All [December 2017]” 

A ROYAL screwing to “We the People”. Especially those who vote and support the maggots that run for office on both sides of the equation. You vote against yourselves and then the elected vermin kick you in the face. WAKE UP sheeple! Rise like lions before it is too late.


Chemo | Dr. Farrah Cancer Center

Excellent analysis -with serious documentation- demonstrating that conventional cancer treatment has a proven 97% failure rate.  Why is this protocol not discontinued? Because it produces billions of dollars in profits to Big Pharma and doctors alike. The money is in the disease so there cannot be a cure to change the staus quo. The continued use of conventional cancer treatment is genocidal in effect. People of conscience must rise against this crime against humanity. 

Migna Khan
Executive Director 
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice