Dear Friends and Comrades:

After one month of not being able to get to Jersey City’s Journal Square (due to personal illness) I am overjoyed (and very grateful to GOD) to advise that we are back on schedule.

This week Ali Hassan (of Muslims Against Hunger) delivered 50 meals to our homeless and needy in Journal Square and our new sister (and friend) Komal delivered 25 pounds of yellow bananas to compliment the meals. Many thanks and blessings go out to Ali Hassan and Komal for their gifts of food to those who are most vulnerable and needy on our streets. It was a beautiful and blessed day. Photos of today’s event are found below.

As always I ask those who are able to step up and donate food and/or other essentials to the needy. Please contact me via email at: to make arrangements. Thank you in advance. Always remember that GOD loves a cheerful giver.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

Komal with Ali Hassan

Komal with Ali Hassan

Komal with Migna Khan

Komal with Migna Khan

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