Dear Friends and Comrades,

I am posting late again because I have been very sick with a very nasty virus. I was not able to go to Journal Square on the 19th. Fortunately, APSJ volunteer, Naved Husain, was able to go to deliver delicious food to our homeless and needy friends at Jersey City’s Journal Square.

On the menu:
2 trays – homemade spaghetti and meatballs (made by Naved’s mother-Zareen Husain)
50 pounds of bananas
5 bags of apples
3 cases of water (24 bottles each)
Over 70 persons were fed.

A big thank you to Naved for coming out with the food and an extra big thank you to his mother- Zareen Husain- for her generous donation. Blessings to all who participated. I am proud of the excellent work and grateful that Naved came out in my absence to do the work that I could not do.

Photos of the event are found below.

10629870_10152335280861090_5584079551930221780_n 10635809_10152335280586090_7503108410819423010_n 10730919_10152335280131090_706210354945067235_n


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