APSJ Homeless Event – 10/26/14

Dear Friends and Comrades,

Happy to announce that Advocates for Peace and Social Justice and Muslims Against Hunger paired up to bring our homeless and needy friends at Jersey City’s Journal Square some love in the form of food.

I was not able to participate at last Sunday’s event at Journal Square due to a lingering virus but, after I had posted the cancellation to the event, APSJ member Naved Husain advised that he would go to bring food. He donated two trays of chicken fried rice (desi style), 60 bananas and 60 bottles of water. All was distributed to our homeless and needy friends at Journal Square.

Ali Hassan from Muslims Against Hunger joined Naved with lunches. About 70 lunches were distributed.

A huge thank you and many blessings go out to Naved Husain and Muslims Against Hunger for their generous donations. I am very grateful that Naved and Ali went to Journal Square when I was not able to join them to help in the distribution. They did a great job.

I apologize for the late posting but I just received the photos and details today (10/31/14). Please note that it got so busy that photos were very difficult to take so no photos were taken of Naved Husain. Below you will find photos of Ali Hassan distributing lunches.

InshaAllah (God willing) I will be back on November 2d.

Migna Khan
Executive Director

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