APSJ Homeless Event – 1/25/15

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

This week’s event went fabulously well.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice donated:
2 large trays of vegetable rice paired with fresh made chicken
120 cookies (2 cookies per person)

APSJ Member Razeeb Hossain donated 3 cases of water

Muslims Against Hunger donated:
100 Lunches
2 bananas per person
50 scarves

The food distribution went so fast that there was no chance to take many photographs. The line was very long but, everyone got a serving of hot food with dessert and water plus a bagged lunch with 2 bananas and a warm scarf as well. Needless to say, everyone was very happy and blessed us for what they received. Altogether close to 100 persons were served today.

My thanks and blessings go out Zamir Hassan of Muslims Against Hunger for their generous donations to our homeless and needy at Hudson County’s Journal Square in Jersey City, New Jersey and to Ali Hassan for delivering the food and helping to distribute.

I also send thanks and blessings to APSJ member Razeeb Hossain for his financial and other donations to our events. Special blessings go out to Razeeb’s wife (who is about to deliver a child) that the birth will be quick and they will have a beautiful healthy baby.

As always I urge, those who are able, to donate whatever you can by way of food or money to help us continue bringing the homeless and needy the food and essentials they need. If you wish to make a financial donation please do so via our Facebook Page link:


If you want to donate food you may contact me via Facebook private message or email: advocatesforpeaceandsocialjustice@live.com. No donation is too small and GOD will bless you for what you give.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice


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