APSJ Homeless Event – 2/13/14

On this day Advocates for Peace and Social Justice arrived at Jersey City’s Journal Square with Ali Hassan of Muslims Against Hunger with food a plenty to give to our homeless and needy friends.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice donated 1 case of water, a tray of mixed vegetable rice and fresh made chicken which served 30 persons.

Muslims Against Hunger donated 60+ bagged lunches consisting of 1 sandwich, 1 fruit and 1 water. I send may thanks and blessings to Zamir Hassan for his constant generosity.

It is impossible to serve and take photos so I can only share one this month. All of the food went quickly and everyone was happy and full. I got some “I love you’s” from the homeless which made my day. I wish I had more income to be able to give more. I love seeing them eat and feeling loved. They are human beings who are marginalized, abused and largely ignored by society. Instead of spending billions on bombs to murder innocent people in Iraq, Palestine and other Arab and Muslim nations our despicable zionist nazi controlled government should be helping the homeless and needy. It is shameful that the USA brags about number 1 yet treats its neediest citizens like garbage. Human life means nothing in the USA. The yuppie “wanna be” aristocrats step over the homeless and despise them for being on the street but one day they too shall taste the desperation of poverty. Economic devastation is coming. Many will lose everything and then shall they understand the error of their ways. If anyone reading this has wealth I urge him/her to use some of that wealth to help the homeless and needy as a gratitude to GOD that they have wealth. It is in GOD’s hand to give or take away wealth. If you want to stay wealthy give to those who have nothing and can never repay you. GOD loves a cheerful giver but the miser will surely be punished.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice


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