APSJ Homeless Event – 3/30/14

Wow! The Advocates for Peace and Social Justice Event was awesome this month. Once again APSJ and Muslims Against Hunger joined forces to the benefit of our homeless and needy friends at Jersey City’s Journal Square.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice donated a try of saffron rice with vegetables paired with fried chicken and one case of water which fed 30 persons.

Muslims Against Hunger donated 100 bagged lunches composed of water, fruit and a homemade sandwich. 80 lunches were distributed. The remainder was dropped off at a local shelter.

The homeless were happy and blessed us. We felt blessed to have the ability to give them food to eat.

Below are some photos from the event. This week Ali Hassan and I had the pleasure of meeting a new volunteer named Samantha (“Sam”) who came to help out. She is a student at Fordham University in New York.

As always I send blessings to Zamir Hassan for his generosity to our homeless and needy in Jersey City and special thanks to Ali Hassan for delivering the lunches. Very special thanks to Sam for taking the time to help us.

The homeless problem is mushrooming. They are being treated like sub-humans by a system that has lost all proportion of compassion, fairness and balance. Request is made, from those who are able, to please donate food, clothing and essentials to the homeless. If anyone wishes to donate please contact me at: advocatesforpeaceandsocialjustice@live.com so arrangements can be made for drop-off/pick-up.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

Sam with Ali Hassan

Sam with Ali Hassan

Sam with Migna Khan

Sam with Migna Khan


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