APSJ Homeless Event – 8/17/14

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy that I report that APSJ member, Naved Husain, brought a generous donation to our homeless and needy friends at Jersey City’s Journal Square.

2 extra large trays of Chinese chicken fried rice with vegetables (which fed 60 persons with some asking for a second or third serving)

3 cases of bottled water
5 cases of cereal (totaling 40 individual size boxes)
2 boxes of chocolate chip cookies (2 cookies per person)
3 cases of Capri citrus juices (30 servings per case)
Utensils and napkins were plentiful

As always, our homeless and needy friends were happy to see us and blessed us for what they received. Everyone ate plentifully.

God bless Naved Husain for the commitment he has made to take time each week to bring food to those who need it most. Special blessings and a thank you go out to Zareen Husain (Naved’s mother) who purchased the rice for today’s event.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Sunny, breezy, warm day with clear blue skies.

I urge everyone who is able to donate food (or other items) to the homeless and needy to please step forward. The homelessness problem in America is affecting close to two million people across the board. Hudson County has more than 2500 homeless people with 850 beds (all totaled) at shelters. The Point in Time Count, which is done in the dead of winter, during the course of 1 day, does not reflect all of the homeless because at the time of the counting the majority of them are hiding from the freezing temperatures. Nevertheless, the problem is persistent and growing due to the lack of political will to take serious measures to end homelessness. Those who have more than enough to live well and pay bills comfortably need to step up and give to those who have nothing.

GOD rewards those who give in charity but, those who are miserly will not fare as well. Please open your hearts and donate food, gently used CLEAN adult clothing and other essentials to help those who have no choice but to live on the street. Nobody chooses to be homeless. Many of the former middle class are now disenfranchised having lost jobs and having been evicted from their apartments, condos and houses. 60% of the homeless actually work everyday at the $7.25 per hour slave wage but are forced to live on the street because they don’t earn enough to pay rent in today’s market.

There are many ways to be charitable. Please choose to be charitable in whatever GOD (or your conscience) leads you. Social injustice is a crime against humanity. If you have wealth it is unconscionable to live the ‘dulce vita’ without doing something for those who are destitute. GOD gave you the wealth you possess so that you would share some of it with those who are not as blessed as you. It is easy to give to family and loved ones yet, there is no reward for that in GOD’s eyes because it is your obligation to do that but, what you give to those who mean nothing to you and can never repay you is what gets you points with GOD. Please keep these words in mind because when GOD calls you back to HIS presence someday you will be asked to account about how you spent your wealth. Don’t go back to HIM with empty hands.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social JusticeDSCF0759[1]

APSJ  081014 006

APSJ Member Naved Husain

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