APSJ Homeless Event – 8/24/14

Greetings Friends and Comrades,

Once again I report the good news that APSJ member, Naved Husain, brought some love to Jersey City’s Journal Square to our homeless and needy friends. This week his donation was five boxes of individual serve juices and about 100 servings of breakfast cereal. GOD bless Naved for the donations he brings and the help he gives me in the distribution of food.

On another note, I am saddened to report that I have been advised that Saint Lucy’s shelter has shut down. As some of you know, our partner organization, Muslims Against Hunger, was dropping off leftover lunches from Journal Square at Saint Lucy’s. I am concerned about the loss of the shelter in a County where there are so few shelters and so many homeless people. There is no doubt that the shelter will be missed by all the homeless persons in Hudson County. There were a total of 820 beds in Hudson County shelters. Now, that Saint Lucy’s is gone there are less beds.

There is no political will to end homelessness. SHAME on our government and politicians who are spending billions of dollars on bombs to massacre people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and sending billlions to “israhell” to commit genocide of Palestinians but nothing is spent on the homeless and needy in the USA.

Our government is creating homelessness and leaving people to die in the streets. It is time to bring the money back home to provide shelters, jobs and education for those who are homeless.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

IMG_20140824_161717 IMG_20140824_161914 IMG_20140824_161927

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