Homeless Action – 8/26/12

Thanks to the donation from Muslims Against Hunger, Advocates for Peace and Social Justice, was able to deliver fresh homemade food to our homeless friends at Journal Square in Jersey City.

Muslims Against Hunger donated a tray of white rice, a tray of ground chicken with potatoes, cooked chick peas, mixed salad and garlic bread.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice complimented the meal with a case of water, forks, plates and napkins.

25 homeless persons were served and they found the food so delicious that several asked for seconds. They sent thanks to Muslims Against Hunger for the delicious food.

I thank my good friend (and APSJ member), Zenobia Pintora, for assisting me with serving the meals. It was hard to take photos because I was busy serving as well. Many persons lined up in batches but, unfortunately, I was not able to photograph all of them. If it hadn’t been for Zenobia helping out you would not be seeing any photos of this event. I thank GOD that she extended her hand to assist.

As always I was overjoyed to see the homeless enjoy the meals.

Blessings to Muslims Against Hunger and Zenobia Pintora.

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