I am happy to report that Advocates for Peace and Social Justice delivered a very generous food donation from Muslims Against Hunger to our homeless friends in Jersey City, NJ today.

20 full meals (in containers) comprised of salad, white rice, lamb stew with potatoes, buttered bread and fresh fruit salad. 75 freshly made sandwiches wrapped in plastic wrap, and 50 pieces of buttered bread wrapped in aluminum foil.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice contributed a case of water and a dozen donuts (donated by APSJ member Abdul Rauf Choudry). I give special thanks to brother Choudry for his participation in today’s event, and to his neighbor, who also assisted in distributing the food.

When we arrived at Journal Square our homeless friends were waiting for us. I did not take more photos because a County van was waiting for our friends to transport them to temporary shelters due to the menacing storm headed our way. Distribution was made as quickly as possible. All 20 meals were distributed with two sandwiches per person plus one bottle of water and one donut. The remaining sandwiches were entrusted to our homeless friend “Mom” to distribute at the shelter later in the day. Everyone was very happy and thankful. I, in turn, was thankful that our homeless friends were transported to safety with a good meal in hand.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice sends out many blessings and thanks to its’ affiliate organization Muslims Against Hunger for its very generous food donations throughout the past few months. They never hesitate to give whatever they have at their disposal.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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