Photos of United Nations Rally on 9/25/12

These photos are from the United Nations Rally against war on Iran and for an end to drone attacks on Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Muslim nations. We actually shared the free speech zone with another group who were protesting the Chinese

 treatment of the Fulang Movement of Tibet. They had some awesome signs that I photographed. One of them made a visit to our side of the ‘zone’ in solidarity. Many others waved to me and/or smiled.

It was a wonderful event attended by many activists who spoke the truth openly and loudly for all to hear. As Obama was addressing the United Nations General Assembly we were protesting his policies. We saw his motorcade as he left the area.

The security at the event was overboard. We did experience one incident of harassment from the Police when Sara Flounders arrived with a sound device (equivalent to a bullhorn). They approached and wanted to see if we had a permit to use the device. The permit was produced and they had no choice but to slither away. It was the talk against the war on Iran and against “israel” that offended the ears of the 1%. The Police left and we continued to speak using the device. 

I send special thanks to my friends Shahid Comrade (General Secretary of USA-Pakistan Freedom) and Sara Flounders (International Action Center) for coordinating this event. 

I also send special thanks to my friend, Recai Iskender, (Citizen Journalist) for providing the live stream of this event. There was virtually NO mainstream media covering this event. I am surprised that RTV and Press TV were not there either. Thanks to Recai Iskender we have a video record of the entire event.


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