Muslims Against Hunger 1/11/15

Dear Friends and Comrades,

This week Ram and Lalit from Sathya Sai Baba Center in East Brunswick (an affiliated organization to Muslims Against Hunger) delivered 150 lunches to our homeless and needy friends at Hudson County’s Journal Square in Jersey City. We distributed 80 and the rest were dropped off at St. Lucy’s Shelter.

A big thank you goes out Ram and Lalit for delivering the lunches and I also thank APSJ member Razeeb Hossain for walking a half hour (round trip) in the freezing weather to help distribute lunches. As always, I send my blessings to Zamir Hassan (Founder of Muslims Against Hunger) for all of his generosity to our the homeless and needy of Hudson County’s Jersey City and Union City as well.

Happy to report that I got several hugs and kisses from our friends at Journal Square and that they blessed us for coming. Having mentioned that, I must relate that they are having a hard time staying warm inside the PATH building and that they are being asked not to stand on PATH property. I will also relate that the PATH Police, as I understand it from several of our friends, have asked a Christian Pastor to get a license to hand out food to the homeless. While I am grateful that no such request has been made of me I am nonetheless saddened by that news. Everyone has the right to eat and be in a warm place during cold weather. I can vouch that the homeless have been making efforts to keep the area clean by making sure that they throw all garbage in the garbage bin. The area where they take refuge is very clean.I am also hearing that the shelter in Kearny is not providing heat to the homeless who sleep there at night and that they sleep with coats and hats on.

How shameful all this is. A disgusting blemish on the character of our society. Nobody wants the homeless hanging around but nobody is offering up apartments and rooms for them to be off the streets either. Where is our humanity for fellow humans? Those who live in warmth and comfort should never forget that were it not for the Grace of GOD they too would be homeless. It is time to repent for being selfish and open our hearts to those who are on the street. Shame on the Fulop Administration for being so cold hearted and mean spirited in regard to the homeless.

Here are some photos of our event.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice


Ram, Lalit and Razeeb

Ram, Lalit and Razeeb



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