Muslims Against Hunger – 1/4/15

Dear Friends and Comrades,

This week volunteers from Or Ha Lev Synagogue in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey (an affiliate of Muslims Against Hunger)- arrived at Jersey City’s Journal Square with over 100 lunches for our homeless and needy friends. Over 60 were distributed at Journal Square and the remainder was delivered to St. Lucy’s Shelter.

APSJ member Razeeb Hossain donated 48 bottles of water.

Our homeless and needy friends were huddled inside the PATH building hiding from the drizzling rain. They are trying to not cause any kind of disturbance in the building and therefore alternate between coming into the building to get warmth and sitting outside in the inclement weather. As always, they gave us blessings for what they received from us.

I take this moment to update you that the first Sunday of last month, I was not able to attend the event but the volunteers from Or Ha Lev Synagogue brought over 100 meals to Journal Square together with gloves, scarves, and mittens for our homeless and needy in Jersey City. A big thank you goes out to Or Ha Lev for their time and generosity towards the homeless and needy in Hudson County’s Journal Square.

Thanks also goes out to Razeeb Hossain who walked 30 minutes on a soggy day with his wife to help us at the event and contribute 2 cases of water to the event.

Photos of the event are found below.

All in all it was a wonderful event for us and a blessing for those most in need. I urge those who are financially able to please donate via the APSJ donation page to help us deliver more food, water and other essentials to Hudson County’s people in most need.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

IMG_20150104_155116 IMG_20150104_155505 IMG_20150104_155512 IMG_20150104_155513

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