Muslims Against Hunger- 3/15/14

Dear Friends and Comrades,

This week Ali Hassan (of Muslims Against Hunger) arrived at Jersey City’s Journal Square with 100 lunches and one dozen warm scarves for our homeless and needy friends. Happy to report that all the lunches and scarves were distributed in record time and that we received many blessings from the homeless.

Sadly, I must still report that the homeless are still being victimized and abused by the PATH police who continue issuing tickets and forcing the homeless to stand at all times inside the building. SHAME on the PATH Administration and DOUBLE SHAME on the City of Jersey City for not assigning one (of many) abandoned buildings to be used as a shelter. It is a big sin to allow human beings to languish on the streets when there are available buildings that could be used to house them. The system puts the homeless on the streets and then blames them for being homeless. The homeless are abused, harassed and victimized all the way around. It is time for our politicians to stop the dehumanization of the homeless and take away a few billion dollars from the bombing budget and the “welfare to israel” budget to feed and house the homeless and needy here in the USA.

In closing, I send many thanks and blessings to Ali Hassan and to Muslims Against Hunger for all of the generosity they show our homeless and needy in Hudson County every week.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

IMG_20150315_154951[1] IMG_20150315_154944[3]

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