Muslims Against Hunger – 3/24/14

This week Ali Hassan of Muslims Against Hunger delivered a carload of bagged lunches for our homeless and needy friends at Jersey City’s Journal Square. When we arrived it was reported to us that many of our friends had been tossed out of the PATH premises. As a result there were less of them around this week but we did manage to give out about 70 lunches to those who could be found. The remaining lunches were donated to a local shelter.

Please remember that GOD loves cheerful givers. Whatever you give will come back to you in blessings. I urge all who can to donate food and essentials to benefit the homeless. Clean gently used clothing for adults male/female would be appreciated. Anyone interested in making a donation please contact me via email at: or via social media to make arrangements for drop off or pick up.

Many thanks and blessings go out to Muslims Against Hunger for the many food donations it has given those who need the most in Jersey City.

Ali Hassan - Muslims Against Hunger

Ali Hassan – Muslims Against Hunger


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