Muslims Against Hunger- 3/8/15

Greetings Friends and Comrades,

Thankfully the snow finally gave way to enable us to reach the homeless and needy of Hudson County’s Jersey City with food and essentials. This week Ram and Krishna (of Sai Baba Center in East Brunswick, New Jersey) arrived at Jersey City’s Journal Square with 100 lunches, 50 pairs of socks and 50 pairs of gloves. The gloves and socks went in less than five minutes and seventy lunches were distributed. Remaining lunches were delivered to St. Lucy’s shelter.

I can’t tell you how happy our homeless and needy friends were to receive food and brand new socks and gloves. The love was palpable yet, I was very saddened to hear that the PATH police were giving out tickets to the homeless for being inside the PATH building seeking warmth. Do they really expect people who have no home and no job to pay tickets? SHAME on the Administration of the PATH building and DOUBLE shame on Mayor Fulop, and his entire administration, for being so hard hearted with the homeless. Why doesn’t Mayor Fulop give up one the many abandoned buildings in Jersey City to house the homeless? That would be a constructive solution to avoid the PATH Police abusing the homeless with tickets and other harassments. Where are the homeless to go to seek warmth in this frosty winter? SHAME ON MAYOR FULOP! Give me a building to house the homeless!!

Photos of today’s event are found below. As usual, we were not able to take many photos because the distribution was hectic.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

IMG_20150308_161450 IMG_20150308_161445 IMG_20150308_161435 IMG_20150308_161508 IMG_20150208_155615


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