Muslims Against Hunger – 5/11/14

This week Zamir Hassan (founder of Musllims Against Hunger),  his son Ali Hassan arrived at Jersey City’s Journal Square with 120 lunches for our homeless and needy friends. We distributed 100 lunches and the remaining 20 were donated to a local shelter. Our homeless and needy friends gave us many blessings and thanks for what they received and I was overjoyed to see them eating a healthy lunch.

Their situation continues to be difficult. They are chased away from the Square frequently and the chances of securing housing are slim. The $7 million yearly funding from HUD has been reduced to $5 million then once again by another $500,000 with more cuts planned for 2015. The shelters cannot accommodate the growing population of homelessness and there are few apartments available as well. Simply stated there is nowhere for these disenfranchised persons to go.

Whenever I have the chance I suggest at meetings that the County assign one large abandoned building to shelter the homeless but the question is always met with a series of excuses that can only be classified as nonsense. Jersey City is the second largest city in New Jersey. It’s budget is huge and it has a plethora of abandoned buildings that could serve a good purpose for those who need it most but greed and apathy prevent, at least, one building from sheltering the homeless. It is deplorable that the City of Jersey City and the County of Hudson County would rather leave buildings abandoned than to assign one to shelter the most vulnerable in our community. Shame on City Hall !!!

On another note, Advocates for Peace and Social Justice urges anyone with an open heart and available time on Sunday afternoons- from 3:45 to 5:00 PM- to volunteer to help in the distribution of the lunches and serving of hot food. We are also looking for donations of clean summer clothing and brand new packages of sweat socks for adults. Please contact me at: for further details.

In closing, many blessings and thanks go out to Muslims Against Hunger for their open hearted and generous donations of meals

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

Zamir Hassan (right) Ali Hassan (left) one of our friends from Journal Square (center)

Zamir Hassan (right)
Ali Hassan (left)
one of our friends from Journal Square (center)

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