Muslims Against Hunger- 5/17/15

Dear Friends and Comrades:

I am happy to relate that Ali Hassan of Muslims Against Hunger delivered 70 lunches to our homeless and needy friends at Hudson County’s Journal Square in Jersey City. All the lunches were distributed quickly and we received many blessings from our homeless and needy friends.

On the other hand, I am very saddened and disgusted that the Steven Fulop Administration has yet taken another inhumane step against the homeless. When we arrived we couldn’t help but notice that the area around the gazebo was being constructed. The idea behind the construction is to create flower beds in front of the bushes decorating the gazebo. It was a nice place to sit and enjoy the breeze on a lovely day. It also gave respite to the weary of ALL socio-economic backgrounds to sit and rest before moving on to other parts of Jersey City. Depriving human beings from sitting down to rest is abhorrent.

Where does Mayor Fulop want the homeless to go? Why are these inhumane steps being taken to deprive everyone from being able to sit on public property? The Fulop Administration is on the war path with the homeless and it is shameful on its part. Instead of taking these inhumane steps against the homeless and needy the Fulop Administration should be putting pressure on the 501c3 organizations to get the homeless rapidly housed but, shamefully, it has taken a totally FASCIST position towards the homeless which only demonstrates the lowness of character found in Mayor Fulop and his drunken and corrupt administration.

The homeless problem is growing exponentially every day. Where are homeless people supposed to go in a county whose shelters are bursting at the seems? Why isn’t more being done by the 501c3 organizations who are legally vested with the obligation of using the Federal funds to help the homeless get into housing? It is a SHAMEFUL situation which is escalating into a huge social injustice.

I understand that nobody cares about the homeless but, I remind everyone, that it is only by the Grace of GOD that it isn’t YOU who is sitting out in the streets with no place to live being buffeted, overlooked, unwanted and marginalized by those who are in the YUPPIE robber class. Every human being deserves a place to call home. It is NOT the fault of the homeless that they fell into homelessness. Our FASCIST government created this army of homelessness by taking away money from the budget in order to wage unnecessary wars and genocide across the seas. Bombing the hell out of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and other parts of the Arabian-Peninsula. It created massive homeless via the foreclosure crisis coupled with the loss of jobs in the country (which were moved to China and other nations around the world). It prefers to bail out banks at the expense of starving the poor of food and medical care. What is happening with the homeless is a crime against humanity.

What is MAGGOT Mayor Fulop planning next for Hudson County’s most vulnerable citizens? I have warned in the past that criminalizing homelessness is not a viable solution. Pushing the homeless around like animals is completely inhumane and will lead to outbreaks of resistance down the road. They are living, breathing persons who have been reduced to nothing for the amusement of the immoral wealthy people. They mock the homeless and say they are freeloaders but I say to the wealthy vermin out there “come and be homeless and see how much you will freeload”.

The entire homeless population of Hudson County ends up in Jersey City. They are brutalized and beaten all the way from Fort Lee to Jersey City. What is happening to Hudson County’s Homeless population at Jersey City is an unconscionable crime against humanity.

I implore the Fulop Administration to reverse course and stop harassing the homeless with these inhumane steps designed to harm those who need the most help in our society. Curses on Mayor Fulop and his gang of corrupt criminals. They need to remember that they will reap what they sow in this life and the Hereafter. If they don’t stop harming the homeless it is very possible that GOD will punish them with destitution and economic loss. I, for one, would love to see them made low. I promise to bring a lunch for each of the political criminals reduced to homelessness.

Life is full of surprises. Today you ride high but tomorrow may be a different story. If anyone deserves to be brought to total destitution it is Fulop and his crew.

May GOD protect the homeless and make a banquet before them of their oppressors. FEAR GOD you bunch of YUPPIE MAGGOTS!!!

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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