Muslims Against Hunger- 5/24/15

Dear Friends and Comrades,

Once again I am happy to report that Zamir Hassan (Founder of Muslims Against Hunger) delivered over 200 lunches to our homeless and needy at Hudson County’s Journal Square in Jersey City, New Jersey. We distributed closed to 100 and the remainder was dropped off at St. Lucy’s Shelter.

As always I send Muslims Against Hunger many thanks and blessings for their generosity to Hudson County’s homeless and needy population.

Having rendered that joyous report I now move on to the inhumane acts of malice being meted out to the homeless at Journal Square. This week was worse than last week as the entire area has been sealed off with Police tape and the benches have been barricaded. In his war against the homeless Mayor Fulop is depriving ALL pedestrians from being able to sit on public property. Everyone has the right to sit on a public bench and Mayor Fulop does NOT have the right to deny any human being the ability to sit on public benches. SHAME ON FULOP!!!

There is NO need for these draconian fascist steps aimed at the most vulnerable in our society. The solution is to get the homeless into rapid housing without the loopholes and red tape designed to leave them on the street. The fact that the situation is deteriorating in such an inhumane way is testimony to the bad faith, arrogance and racism of Fulop and his corrupt administration. It is totally reprehensible that the homeless are treated with such disregard when there are abandoned buildings in the immediate vicinity which would be more than adequate to house the homeless of Hudson County. Even more disgusting, is the fact that United Way and the other 501c3 organizations (whom all profit from the industry of poverty) are not being held to account. They are receiving Federal HUD money to house the homeless but they leave people on the street. There are Section 8 Vouchers that should be made available to the homeless at Journal Square also yet, none of these measures are being put into use as they should be.

SHAME ON FULOP!!! SHAME ON THE CITY COUNSEL!!! SHAME ON 501c3 CORPORATIONS who feed off the misery of those languishing in the streets. I urge Mayor Fulop to start putting enormous pressure on the agencies who need to be stepping up to the plate instead of treating the homeless with less regard than rats. They are human beings, just like everyone else, who deserve a place to call home. What is it going to take to get the Fulop Administration and the 501c3’s to do what is right? A Federal investigation?

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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