Muslims Against Hunger – 5/4/14

I am very happy to report that Muslims Against Hunger arrived with paper bag lunches for our homeless and needy friends at Jersey City’s Journal Square. We distributed 50 and the balance were dropped off at a local shelter.

The homeless were very happy to see us. Gave us their blessings. Sadly, they are being harassed more than ever by the PATH police. I was told that police were kicking them and being very aggressive about keeping the homeless away from the building. During the work week they are not allowed to sit inside or outside the building. They have some leeway on the weekends as far as sitting outside the building goes but, on the other hand, they are often chased away from the water fountain area. It seems that there is nowhere that they can rest. Shame on Jersey City’s political establishment. Shame on all who walk past the disenfranchised without giving a care to the plight of those forced to live on the street.

I urge those who are able to step up and do something for the homeless. Donations are needed in order to increase the food distribution. We are always looking for clothing donations as well. If anyone wants to donate please contact me by email at: GOD will bless you greatly for your donation.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice


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