Once again the volunteers of Muslim Against Hunger met in the morning to prepare a delicious meal for the homeless and needy of Union City. The meal consisted of Stewed chicken in tomato sauce with savory spices, white rice, mixed vegetables, salad and garlic bread.

Zamir Hassan (Founder of Muslims Against Hunger) joined the event and participated ‘hands on’ on serving and preparing food. It was wonderful to see him again.

The event was very blessed. We were able to feed everyone TWICE and had enough to give out leftovers to guest. Some of the leftovers were donated to Advocates for Peace and Social Justice to bring to homeless in Jersey City.


MAH Volunteer – Bayan


MAH Volunteer – Diane


MAH Volunteer – Zeinab

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MAH Volunteer – Bayan


MAH Volunteer- Bayan

MAH Volunteer- Bayan


Zamir Hassn (Founder of Muslims Against Hunger) hard at work preparing sandwiches.


MAH Volunteer – Mohanned


Zamir Hassan (right) with MAH Volunteer Jamal


Zehra Toor (Coordinator of Muslims Against Hunger) with volunteers
Bayan, Mohanned, Jamal and Diane

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