Muslims Against Hunger – 6/15/14

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to report that today Zamir Hassan (founder of Muslims Against Hunger) met me at Jersey City’s Journal Square with 150 lunches in hand. We distributed 75 lunches and the remainder went to St. Lucy’s Shelter.

The lunches are always prepared lovingly by children attending Sai Elementary School in New Jersey. They are Hindu children who put a lot of love into every sandwich and decorate the paper bags with smiles, “blessings” and “have a happy day” messages. Today was their graduation day and they wanted to end their graduation with a gift of food for homeless and needy in Jersey City.The example of our Hindu children is an excellent one of love for humanity. They are not looking to only feed their community and religious brethren.

The Muslims should be doing the same but it appears that we’ve forgotten the rules of Islam. As an Ummah (nation) we have become selfish, arrogant and strayed from the example of the Prophet Muhammad(sws) himself. Islam is a brotherhood without borders. The Prophet(sws) in his last khutbah instructed us to put race, gender and nationalities aside and embrace Muslims everywhere as members of the family. Unfortunately, today’s “modern” Muslims are far away from that example and have opted to stick to individual communities and not extend their hands to people outside of Islam in terms of charity.

The Muslim world is in a deep crisis because it has strayed from the core teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. The West (assisted by the apostates rulers in our Muslim countries) have created a false version of Islam and spread it like a cancer. Ordinarily, Muslims should be able to recognize truth from falsehood but many of them have abandoned the study of Islam and have put all their trust in FALSE shayhks and imams who are spewing a false version of Islam. Every Muslim has the OBLIGATION to know his/her own religion precisely to be able to call falsehood what it is but we’ve gotten lazy and where there is a lack of knowledge falsehood comes in to take its place. The Prophet Muhammad(sws) said that in the end days Islam would be a stranger as it was in the beginning. That means that Muslims would stray so far from the light of Islam that they would actually fall into apostasy and self delusion. As the Prophet(sws) spoke it so has it happened. Millions of Muslims are only Muslim in name but their hearts are dark with ignorance about their religion. Fortunately, it was also related to so long as there were a few Muslims in the world who knew the real teachings of Islam the righteous would overcome the hypocrites posing as Muslims.

If there are Christians and Jews reading these words don’t feel that you are better than the Muslims. We share the same GOD who exhorts us to give in charity without measure or discrimination. Where are the Churches and Temples charity to those who are languishing in the streets? Why aren’t any them contacting me to coordinate food and clothing for the homeless and needy? I am not asking you for money! I am asking for donations of food, clothing and a little bit of your time to help in the distribution of food on Sundays. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!

May GOD bless the Hindus children who give with love a morsel of food to those are hungry without discrimination. I send my love, blessings and a million thanks to the children at Sai Elementary.

Blessings to Zamir Hassan who works day and night to ensure that the hungry, needy and homeless are fed in 10 States in the USA and 2 countries (Haiti and Pakistan).

Peace and Solidarity,
Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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Zamir Hassan with our friend Eric @ Journal Square

Zamir Hassan with our friend Eric @ Journal Square







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