Thanks to the generosity of Zamir Hassan (Founder of Muslims Against Hunger) our homeless friends got to eat a healthy lunch this afternoon.

Muslims Against Hunger volunteer, Anwar, arrived with a van containing two huge containers of sandwiches. Over 100 fresh homemade sandwiches paired up with fruit and water were distributed.  Everyone was happy.

My greatest joy is to see them eat. I wish I could do so much more for them in terms of getting them shelter. One day inshaAllah (GOD willing) I hope to do it. It saddens me to see people exposed to the elements while others walk past them without caring. Every human being deserves a place to live. It is a huge stain on our nation that the numbers of homeless are mushrooming while the banksters and gangsters live in luxury and immunity from their crimes. May GOD have mercy on the homeless. Curses on the greedy psychopaths that are hoarding up what GOD gave humankind to enjoy for free.

Blessings go out to Zamir Hassan and his volunteers at Muslims Against Hunger for all the generous donations they have given for our homeless friends at Jersey City’s Journal Square throughout the past months.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

Brother Anwar - Volunteer @ Muslims Against Hunger

Brother Anwar – Volunteer @ Muslims Against Hunger

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